The PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates Twitter account went on to claim that BT and EE customers will be able to purchase a PS5 once again on Thursday January 7 2021.

While in recent tweets the account emphasied that PS5 UK restocks should be happening next week, as long as there are no delays.

The PS5 stock Twitter account also urged followers against paying the exorbitant amounts scalpers are charging for the PlayStation 5 on sites such as eBay.

Some Buy It Now listings on the auction site are asking for almost three times the asking price of a PS5.

The PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates Twitter account tweeted: “If there are no delays the next drop will happen next week. Don’t PANIC buy now!!

“Don’t waste your time stressing and refreshing, just keep an eye on this page next week, I won’t miss any drops, I’ve got bots on 24/7.”


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