Overwatch Lunar New Yeat event is about to begin on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The first Overwatch event of the year has a February 4 release date on consoles and PC. The event ends just three weeks later on February 25.

Based on previous Overwatch events, the Lunar New Year celebration will have a 6pm GMT start time in the UK.

The 2021 Lunar New Year event is titled Year of the Ox. The event is being held to commemorate Chinese New Year on February 12.

Needless to say, the latest Overwatch event is an excuse for Blizzard to release a new batch of skins.

The first wave of Lunar New Year skins have been teased ahead of the event over on Twitter.

New skins include Kkachi Echo and Tiger Huntress. Expect even more new skins to be revealed in the hours leading up to the event.

“Flight routine: Activated,” reads a Blizzard tweet. “Take to the skies as Kkachi Echo. Lunar New Year begins February 4.”

“Eye of the tiger. Tiger. Prowl in search of your prey as Tiger Huntress.”

In addition to new skins, Overwatch developer Blizzard will also release a selection of new items and other rewards.

You can unlock the new items by opening loot boxes gained by levelling up during gameplay.

In terms of limited time game modes, the Lunar New Year event typically involves a twist on Capture the Flag.

It’s highly likely that the Lunar New Year event will also feature a selection of weekly challenges, complete with fresh rewards.

The Lunar New Year event will also launch alongside a big new update, which will also be available from 6pm.

You can check out recent PTR patch notes below. Express Online will update the story with official patch notes when they’re released.


• Feature Update: Replay Viewer Fine-Grained Playback Controls

 – We’ve introduced a new option that allows you to toggle between two different playback controls, the default playback controls and the “fine-grained” playback controls.

 – These “fine-grained” controls will allow you to increase and decrease the replay playback speed in smaller increments than 0.25x, from 0.10x to 1.00x.

 – You can also hold your “Move Slow” binding while increasing or decreasing speeds to change the playback speed acceleration.

 – This can help you capture cool slow-motion shots and more!


• Added a “New” Ownership Filter to the Player Icon tab in the career profile

• Reorganized the layout of the escape menu while you are in a custom game

• Adjusted sound for boosted hit indicators to increase clarity



• Fixed a bug that caused the chat feed to not properly indicate that a real ID friend request has been accepted


• Reaper

 – Fixed a bug with his hit volume becoming out of sync if frozen during his ultimate ability

• Zenyatta

 – Fixed a bug with his Toybot skin that that caused an animation issue to occur when casting orbs


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