Well, first off – the new Mini LED display rumour doesn’t hint at a secondary screen you’ll find on a new Switch Pro controller or on a pair of Joy Cons.

So if you’re hoping for a Dreamcast-esque VMU mini display, or a new take on the Wii U’s two-screen approach then you’re out of luck.

But the good news is a Mini LED display should be able to provide screen contrast and brightness that would rival a typical OLED display.

A Mini LED display is also more cost effective than an OLED, meaning the Switch Pro should be able to provide a much better handheld display without the consumer having to break the bank.

Mini LEDs, unlike the LED tech found on current Switch models, are better at backlighting and illuminate pixels far more precisely.

And they have an extra benefit as this has an impact on battery life as there’s less wasted light used to deliver each and every pixel.


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