However, in the previous and solely Sony Spider-Man world, where Tobey Maguire took on the title role, J.K. Simmons also played a character with this name, but he was a loud-mouthed editor of the Daily Bugle.

While this could be the same person, but having moved through time, it could be this is an example of the MCU multiverse which is emerging, where people can play multiple versions of themselves across different films.

Therefore, while Adrian may have turned up and had a word with Morbius, it may not be what we think.

Another clue in the same trailer comes when Morbius walks past a graffiti image of Spider-Man on a wall, showing there is definitely a Spider-Man in his universe.

However, one of the biggest clues of the list came with a leaked set moment from Morbius, which was revealed earlier this year.


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