There’s set to be a dramatic climax to this week’s Love Island as Samira Mighty and Rosie Williams lock horns over the affections of new boy Sam Bird – and one of them WILL leave the villa tonight.

In a sneak peek at tonight’s show, Sam must choose the three girls he wants to get to know better and take them out on a date.

“The power is in my hands. It feels crazy that I’ve been given this golden opportunity. But I’m very excited to get to know all the girls today,” he tells the Beach Hut confessional camera.

He picks Rosie and Samira – and the conversations quickly turn deep, with Sam telling each of them he wants to get married and have children.

Samira gets grafting with new boy Sam

And Rosie’s aware that her place in the villa rests on winning Sam over

But the girls are feeling worried about what he’ll do in the recoupling, with Samira declaring: “With Sam, he can go anywhere, he can pick any girl he wants. It’s going to be very tense. Let’s just see what happens.”

And Rosie says: “Now that I’m in danger of possibly going home tonight and being dumped, I’m going to just work my Rosie magic with Sam and hope that he picks me so I can stay with him.”

Taking their chance and running with it, Samira tells Sam on their date: “I feel like you’re in quite a powerful position. Obviously get to know all the girls but you don’t want to pick the wrong person. I feel like also, you’ve got to think about it. We’ve got really strong last names. How good would it be? Samira Mighty and Sam Bird?”

And she tells the girls: “I want to stay in the villa so bad because I feel like my journey hasn’t even started in here yet so I really, really don’t want to go. It’s a shame, I do love Rosie as well, so it’s super hard.”

The girls face off against each other in the recoupling

Will Dr Alex pick new girl Ellie, or stick with his mate Samira?

Sam’s got all the power

Who will Sam pick? And which girl will be sent packing?

Meanwhile, Megan and Eyal are waking up after the night before in their Hideaway paradise, with Megan telling him she’ll kill him if he tells anyone they’ve had sex.

While they both confirm they’ll keep the details of their steamy romp quiet, it’s not long until they’re both separately telling their mates all the juicy goss.

“There was a little bit of kissing on the balcony. There was some heavy petting,” Eyal spills to the boys.

And Megan makes the girls squeal as she reveals: “I may have something to tell you. Guess what I’m going to tell you.”

Megan and Eyal were the first couple to have full sex in the series

They spent the night in the Hideaway

When Georgia Steel asks if they had sex, she nods yes.

“Maybe. It just felt right in the moment,” she gushed.

In the other room, Jack Fincham delicately asks Eyal if they “did it”.

“Yeah,” he smirks.

“I wasn’t just going to do it for no reason and our date yesterday just really solidified what I wanted to hear. I’m pretty sure I heard some screams coming from the balcony, so I do think Megan has told the girls. I will ask her, I’m not going into detail, it’s not anyone’s business.”

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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