“Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker, feared that a marriage to Angelique, as well as his impending fatherhood, would seriously damage the King’s reputation thereby destroying his wealth and fame.”

The singer, originally named Phillip Stanic, claims he was adopted by a circus family and was told his true identity years later, after which he put forward a claim to use the name of Elvis Presley Jr.

The website biography continues: “After sufficient documents, sworn testimonies, and additional evidence presented by independent third parties were presented to a judge and after proof having been made to the satisfaction of the Court ‘that notice of hearing thereon was given in the manner and form required by law and no objections having been filed by any person, Phillip Stanic by the decision of the U.S. Federal Court’, was recognized as Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr.”

Details of the evidence which is claimed to have been presented are not clear, but Elvis Presley Jr has used the name since 1985, from which time he has been a singer and Elvis impersonator.


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