The following year Yoko released Fly, which had been co-produced with John, but their relationship was becoming hard to manage as the aftermath of The Beatles’ split left Yoko blamed.

In 1973 they parted ways, but by the end of 1974, John and Yoko reunited, though he was reportedly given permission to continue to see May Pang, with whom he had been in a relationship for some months, as a “mistress”.

On October 9, 1975, Yoko and John’s son Sean was born, at which point John became a stay-at-home dad, taking a hiatus from the music business.

Their final album together was 1980’s Double Fantasy, which was released posthumously after John’s death.

On December 27, 1980, which was only weeks after John’s death, their Double Fantasy album started an eight-week run at Number One on the USA album chart.


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