Plenty happened today in the world of Fortnite Battle Royale this week and even more big updates are being planned in December.

Not only did Fortnite players get to battle Galactus, but they’re also going to get to enjoy the release of Chapter 2 Season 5.

The only downside to this is that Fortnite servers are now down, meaning gamers are going to have to wait until the To Be Continued screen is removed.

While Epic Games work their magic to bring about a new Battle Pass and map changes, gamers are going to have to wait a few hours.


Developers Epic Games has confirmed that the Fortnite Season 5 start time has been set for December 2, 2020.

The good news is that this will be a unified launch, meaning that no compatible is going to be left behind.

As with the previous months, Fortnite is no longer playable on iOS devices, meaning you won’t be able to update to Season 5 today.

The good news is that we know how long Fortnite servers are going to be down before the Season 5 update is launched.

As confirmed by Epic Games earlier today, Fortnite servers are down as part of a prep period before the release of Season 5.

This means that the Battle Royale game is currently unplayable, with the Fortnite Season 5 start time set for 9am GMT, on December 2, 2020.

A message from Epic Games explains: “Fortnite is currently in a prep state for Chapter 2 – Season 5 (v15.00). Server downtime for the update begins December 2 at 12 AM ET (05:00 UTC) and is expected to run until approx. 4 AM ET (09:00 UTC). Stay tuned for updates.

“During this prep state, you’ll be unable to play Fortnite prior to server downtime. Stay tuned for the adventures that await in Chapter 2 – Season 5!

“With the launch of the new Season, patch sizes will be larger than normal on Nintendo Switch and PC.”

This means that Fortnite servers are going to be down for hours, at least until 9am GMT, across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Mobile and Nintendo Switch.

For gamers in the United States, the Fortnite Season update should be available to download and install at around 4am ET.

Not much in the way of teasers were released during this week’s Fortnite event, meaning the theme of Season 5 is a bit of a mystery.

But we do know that both a Battle Pass and a new subscription will be available for purchase.

The Fortnite Crew Subscription costs around $11.99 and includes exclusive content that will never be available from the Fortnite Shop.

The Fortnite Crew subscription will include the following:

  • Battle Pass Included for the full Season – As a member of the Fortnite Crew, you’ll always have access to the current season’s Battle Pass!
  • 1,000 V-Bucks Each Month – Fortnite Crew members will receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month. Spend it on your favorite Item Shop content!
  • Get A New Monthly Crew Pack! – Get an exclusive Fortnite Crew Pack, an always-new Outfit Bundle that only Fortnite Crew members get.
  • Crew Packs and the items they contain are only available to Fortnite Crew subscribers.

Previously released items may be made available again to Crew members at a later date, but they will never be sold to non-Crew members or given away to non-Crew members.

Fans can expect a new trailer for Fortnite Season 5, as well as new patch notes to explain what is being planned.


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