Almost 50 years ago, Linda Thompson started dating Elvis Presley for a four year period between 1972 and 1976. Now the 70-year-old has shared some touching photos from Christmas together at Graceland. They include Elvis’ diamond-encrusted cross she designed for him and Lisa Marie opening her presents in front of her father.

Linda wrote on her Instagram: “Throwback Thursday to a few photos of Christmas at Graceland with Elvis.

“The first photo is of our first Christmas together, and he had given me this coat – along with a beautiful platinum and diamond ring that I found in the coat pocket at his urging…

“He had taken the diamond from one of his rings and had it mounted in the beautiful ballerina ring he had designed and made for me.”

Elvis’ former lover then went on to share just how generous The King was.

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Linda added: “Of course Christmas always reminds me of Elvis’s generous spirit and sensitivity to this special time of year.”

The King’s cousins reiterated just generous Elvis was at Christmas in a video from a couple of years ago.

Appearing on the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith, his wife Jo and their son Danny remembered being invited over to Graceland for an annual all-night Christmas Eve party.

An informal affair, the Memphis Mafia would enjoy the food laid out around the mansion, while their kids ran around playing tag.

And when it came to present giving, Billy said: “His generosity spoke for itself.”

Elvis would hand out jewellery, fur coats, cars and always money to his inner circle.

Jo added: “Everybody got a Christmas bonus because he wanted to make sure everybody’s family had Christmas.

“He was like that all year long, but at Christmas, it was just special. It’s unforgettable.”


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