The new summer trailer for EastEnders teases some shocking revelations over ‘evil’ Stuart Highway and and Hayley Slater’s struggle as she deal with her pregnancy with Alfie Moon’s baby.

Other prominent storylines which are set to rock Albert Square are how Carmel Kazemi and Keegan Baker deal with the tragic death of Shakil Kazemi, who was stabbed by gang members, and the blossoming romance between Rainie Cross and Max Branning, despite their sham marriage.

The teaser trailer starts with Mick Carter, Stuart’s former best friend, telling his wife how shocked he has become with Stuart’s increasingly strange behaviour.

He tells Linda: “Stuart was one of my closest pals – he was there when it happened.”

This is followed by an image of Stuart looking menacing before he threateningly tells Linda: “I go where I want, when I want.”

He and Mick have a punch up as Mick strides angrily over to his former friend, and later in the trailer, Linda is seen throwing a bottle at a wall in frustration.

The trailer ends with Tina Carter telling Sonia Jackson: “It’s all him [Stuart], he is evil.”

Hayley is also a prime topic in the trailer as she looks at her burgeoning baby bump in the mirror and says: “I’m pregnant with a married man’s baby.”

Kat Moon is seen angrily scowling at her cousin, before the two of them are seen sitting in a waiting room as Kat exclaims: “You are one vicious, little cow.”

Does Kat find out that her husband, Alfie, is the one who slept with Hayley?

Rainie does not have it easy either, as she tells Phil Mitchell that whenever things seem to be going right for her, life finds a way to “smack me in the mouth.”

Phil tells her: “So smack it right back.”

This happens before Rainie is seen passionately kissing Max, and market trader Donna Yates tells her: “I know you’re a junkie, that little girl deserves better.”

Donna is referring to Rainie and Max’s custody battle to get baby Abi Branning living with them.

But later Donna is seen holding a scrunched up piece of foil, seeming to hold drugs, and Rainie frantically tells Max: “Stop! Someone put it through the letterbox.”

Max is telling her to “get out” so perhaps Donna has a plan to stop Rainie and Max from getting the baby?

Keegan and Carmel are also seen struggling with Shakil’s death, with Keegan kicking a bin and apologising for the way Shakil died, saying it was his own fault.

Carmel is hugged by a friend but pulls away, seemingly struggling to cope with Shakil’s death as her friends try to comfort her.

Finally, in lighter news, estranged husband and wife Stacey and Martin Fowler seem to be getting closer as they share a kiss in an intimate moment.

The trailer tells viewers to “expect storms” this summer, and by the looks of it it’s going to get pretty dramatic.

EastEnders airs weekdays, with this week’s episodes airing at 9.10pm on Monday and 8pm and 9pm on Friday on BBC One.



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