Disney Plus has revealed it has acquired yet more channels and content. Now, Disney Plus subscribers will get even more choice thanks to the new channel arriving on the platform: Star. But when it comes to movies, what new content will fans have the chance to enjoy?

Star has a slightly confusing history, and how it made its way on the Disney+ platform only adds to this.

The name of the channel is from Star India, which was acquired by Disney at the same time as other channels as it was a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox.

The brand is, however, being remodelled for the sake of European, Australian and Canadian markets.

Disney also owns the majority stake in Hulu, a USA streaming brand, which is currently not available for those outside of North America.

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Now, Star will become the way in which the UK and other English-speaking countries will see Hulu-style content, with Variety reporting the Star channel will differ from the ‘family-friendly’ content on the other channels.

As a result, some shows and movies which are currently available on Hulu will be made available via Star, meaning subscribers will have double the content they previously had.

So what movies will be on the channel?

This is not entirely certain at the moment, however some content has been revealed.

One set of films which is certain is the Die Hard franchise, which has been on the Hulu streaming platform for some time.

These will now make their way onto Disney+, though sadly after Christmas, which will mean fans can enjoy the more adult content rather than just focusing on child-friendly TV.

While it is unclear what films will be on Star, as the content shown through this channel will come from Hulu, Fox, Touchstone and other Disney subsidiaries, the content on Hulu is a good starting point for what fans may be able to enjoy.

The original Spider-Man series from Sam Raimi is on Hulu at present, meaning this could be an exciting way for Marvel fans to have these movies coexisting on one platform at last.

As well as that, Oscar winner Parasite is on Hulu, meaning fans who missed it in cinemas or have not seen it on TV will get the chance to enjoy it.


One of the most exciting content streams on Hulu is the Bond franchise, with 20 of the Bond movies available on the platform.

These films are, unfortunately for Daniel Craig fans, only those which pre-dated his arrival as Bond, and do not include any of the movies which are considered outside the official canon.

Nevertheless, fans can enjoy some epic James Bond action pretty easily, if it is the case that all the Hulu movies are on the platform.

While it is unclear whether everything on Hulu will arrive on Disney Plus, Variety reported the content on Disney Plus will double with Star’s arrival, meaning it seems likely of this.

Star arrives on Disney+ for fans on February 23


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