Wonder Woman has always been thought of as the most powerful female superhero in comic books. She has incredible powers and integrity – utilising her integrity and belief in justice to elevate her from other heroes. But with the MCU recently revamping Captain Marvel – does Wonder Woman have some competition?

Who is the most powerful female superhero – Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, comic book expert Professor Chris Murray explained certain incarnations of Wonder Woman are particularly powerful, especially when she has a “political commitment.”

He said: “Some versions of Wonder Woman really work. I am thinking of Darwyn Cooke’s portrayal of her in The New Frontier, or by Mark Waid and Alex Ross in Kingdom Come.

“She has a dark edge and a political commitment in both. One as a revolutionary and the other as an authoritarian.

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“Wonder Woman, presented with a political edge, as was seen in her early stories, is fearsome.”

In Kingdom Come, Wonder Woman is stripped of her royalty by the Amazons and is exiled from Paradise Island because her beliefs in peace are considered a failure.

As a result, she is far more militant than in previous incarnations, and she even kills in her obsessive pursuit of peace, but she is successful and eventually is allowed to return to Paradise Island.

However, Professor Murray does not leave things as simply as that.

He also calls the MCU version of Captain Marvel “a delight,” suggesting she could take on Galactus, who is a fearsome villain who consumed whole planets to sustain his life force – and is compelled by hunger rather than a desire to do evil.

To suggest she could take on the cosmic entity of Galactus shows how highly Captain Marvel would rank among superheroes, if she could defeat him, despite his villainy not coming from a conventional place.

But if Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman were to come up against one another, who would win?

In terms of powers, Wonder Woman is Amazonian, meaning she has god-like abilities such as superhuman strength, speed, flight, healing factor and immortality.


She is also highly skilled in fighting, and is trained in ancient and modern forms of combat, armed or unarmed, and in New 52 continuity, she received training from Ares the God of War himself.

In later incarnations her powers are bestowed upon her by Greek gods, and it is revealed she does not age beyond her prime and is completely immortal.

Wonder Woman also has various weapons and armour, including her indestructible bracelets and the Lasso of Truth, which forces its victims into submission and to tell the truth.

Her equipment is god-forged and therefore pretty much indestructible, including her chestplate, tiara, shield.

Again, different incarnations of Wonder Woman have included different items of clothing and weaponry, but these are the signature items.

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is a totally different type of hero as she can absorb energy and turn it into power.

While Wonder Woman has incredible powers, including being impressively strong, flying, heat vision, and more, Captain Marvel could turn all of these powers into her advantage.

For example, if Wonder Woman hit Captain Marvel with a mega-strong punch, that energy could be turned up to its absolute maximum and hit right back at Wonder Woman with even more force.

As well as this power, Captain Marvel can tap into the energy of a white hole, which is the opposite of a black hole, and give her full control of stellar energies as she enters the Binary state.

This means she could control gravity, electromagnetic waves and even hit, meaning she would reach light speed and survive in the vacuum of space.

She can even access solar radiation, which would give her a deadly advantage as one of Superman’s few weaknesses is red solar radiation, which would down his powers.

Finally, Captain Marvel has the power of prescience, and is likely to be able to predict Wonder Woman’s moves before he even attempts them.

Professor Murray seems more convinced that Wonder Woman is the most powerful, but the unfortunate truth is we will never know who will be the victor of these two, as they exist in different universes and will therefore never meet.

Captain Marvel is from the Marvel universe, while Wonder Woman is DC, meaning the pair will never battle to finally prove who is the strongest.


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