Things are changing with the release of Black Ops Cold War, and the first major update can be found in Call of Duty Warzone 1.29.

Available to download now and weighing in at over 20GB on most platforms, it contains the usual bug fixes and playlist tweaks.

But it also brought something that will prove more eye-catching to gamers across all platforms.

Today’s Call of Duty Warzone update is making it possible to create Private Battle Royale matches.

Developers Infinity Ward confirms that this new option is just in beta for now, but you can imagine fans are excited.

It should be noted that the new private option only extends to Warzone and comes with a limited number of players that can join.

Another little line from today’s Modern Warfare patch notes could also prove popular, with Infinity Ward removing Juggernaut drops from Bunker Puzzles.

You can read all the latest changes made to the game in the official Modern Warfare 1.29 patch notes shared by the development team, and listed below:





  • BR Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads

  • Plunder Trios


We’re excited to launch a beta version of Private Warzone matches! This requires various player counts to start the match and we have three modes available: 

  • BR – 50 players required to start (also has squad variations)

  • Plunder – 30 players required to start (also has squad variations)

  • Mini BR – 24 players required

Please share any bugs you encounter along with your feedback! 


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