Call of Duty servers are temporarily down today, with gamers reporting issues with logging into both Modern Warfare and COD Warzone.

No maintenance time has been announced for the game, and this appears to be an issue with the game’s servers, with some players unable to reach the first phase of signing in.

Other Warzone players have revealed they are able to access the game but are unable to find a live game to join.

A message from one adds: “My account has connected, but it won’t find a match. My one day off and COD is messing with me.”

Another adds: “I was connected, but couldn’t find a match, so I restarted the game, and now it’s stuck on finding online profile.”

The good news is that this does not appear to be a worldwide outage and there’s a good chance everything will be back online soon.

There has been a surge in reports that the game is offline across PS4, Xbox One and PC.



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