Gamers will have a very slim chance of successfully pre-ordering some exclusive PS5 stock this week that won’t be shipping until later this year.

A third-party company will be selling a small selection of Black PS5 consoles in the coming days, but there won’t be many to choose from.

According to SUP3R5, there will be 304 custom black PlayStation 5 consoles available, which will no doubt catch the eye of Sony fans.

The special design has been inspired by the PlayStation 2 but comes with a premium price tag.

According to the site listing, this unique PS5 stock option will cost $649.00, which is much higher than the bog-standard white version.

That’s putting a high price on the PS2 aesthetics, but it seems very likely that there will be plenty of fans hoping to snap one up.

Due to the limited amount of stock, it wouldn’t be surprising to see these new PS5 consoles appear on eBay soon after shipping, listed for much higher prices.

For those gamers less inclined to spend so much cash, there will also be retro-inspired Dual Sense controllers available to purchase for $99.

But this product will not come with the usual Sony warranty, as the controller will have been reassembled.

SUP3R5 has confirmed that Black PS5 pre-orders will open on January 8 at 3pm ET, or 8pm GMT, if you live in the UK.

Surprisingly, SUP3R5 has confirmed that they will be shipping these unique PS5 consoles internationally, meaning you can buy one and have it sent to the UK.

This will come with added cost, and a few other things should be noted. While these Black PS5s will be available to pre-order, they won’t be arriving until later in 2021.

A message from the company explains: “Expect to see increased shipping costs related to importing your product to the UK, or anywhere else outside of the United States.

“We expect to begin shipping controllers and consoles in late spring 2021. Although this may shift based on availability, we’ll do our best to avoid delays.

“All of the PlayStation 5 units are originating from the United States. If you’re in the UK, or anywhere else that uses a power standard different from what’s in the United States, you will likely need an adapter to connect to your electrical grid.

“We reserve the right to restrict shipping to various countries and regions. We don’t have specific restrictions at this time.”

So while this is an opportunity to buy a Black PS5 console, gamers in the UK should know it will cost more to ship it, some of the products may not be covered by usual Sony warranty, that it comes from a third-party company and that it will not come with a standard UK plug, meaning an adaptor will be needed.

Gamers should also know that there will be no return policy when a product has arrived, although defective consoles will be an exception.

A message from SUP3R5 adds: “While we do not provide a warranty, if your product arrives with functional or cosmetic issues related to the retro conversion process, we’ll do our best to remedy the issue.

“Once your product arrives, you cannot return it. Exceptions may be made at our discretion, such as if your product arrives with defects related to the conversion process.”


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