This year’s Apex Legends Halloween event has been confirmed and includes a solid release date for gamers across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It won’t be long before the next Fight or Fright event goes live, and provides new cosmetics, and perhaps even a little wall-running too.

Details remain light for now, but it looks like everything will be laid out soon by Respawn Entertainment.

And with the launch just around the corner, gamers can expect some interesting new content to check out later this week.


Developers Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the Apex Legends Halloween event release date has been set for Thursday, October 22, 2020.

No set launch time has been confirmed, but we would expect everything to be in place by around 8pm BST.

Earlier events have been launched at odd times, meaning Respawn could surprise everyone and have things kick off much sooner.

A message from Respawn adds: “Trick-or-treat yourself to the Fight or Fright Event, October 22 – November 3!

“Partake in a scary new mode, spooky challenges, and devilishly delectable rewards…if you dare.”

This year’s Fright or Fight event will be different from 2019’s, with a new spin being put on the Shadow Royale.

Shadow Royale 2020 will include wall-running, and plenty of action for those who can keep at least one of their teammates alive.

The good news is that Shadow Royale in 2020 will feature loot from 2019, with new versions also being offered.

A message from Respawn explains: “Terrorize your enemies in the “Shadow Royale” LTM on Kings Canyon After Dark. Fallen squadmates come back as Shadows with unnerving speed. Use your wits, deadly claws, and revives to keep the rest of your squad alive. Plus complete challenges to earn haunting free rewards and visit the store for new and rethemed classic Halloween cosmetics. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Fight or Fright Event, running from October 22 to November 3.

“The return of Fight or Fright introduces all-new reimaginings of last year’s skins like the Sweet Dreams Caustic and Wicked Harvest Bloodhound, as well as new skins for Loba and Revenant.

“In addition, all 24 of last years’ Fight or Fright items will be available through shop bundles or shop offers. The shop rotates weekly, so be sure to check back often for all the best deals.”

Fright or Fight will be available to play for around three-weeks and is categorised as a Collection event.


Collection Events deliver a limited-time mode and event challenges where players earn cosmetics and a set of event limited cosmetics.

These are available through Event-specific Apex Packs or direct purchase, and like Themed Events, Collection Events may also feature a town takeover or small map change.

For the Halloween Collection Event, this could mean the return of Skull Town across all platforms.

“Just in time for Halloween, we’re returning to the spooky, alternate dimension where Revenant runs the Apex Games. Shadow Royale starts like any other trios match, but when you die you will be raised from the dead in a powerful “Shadow Form” to exact vengeance on your killers and help carry your squad to victory.

“Armed with a brutal melee attack, enhanced mobility and blistering speed, you will terrorize other squads and protect your own with infinite Shadow lives until your living teammates are eliminated, or you emerge victorious as the last living squad.”


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