HORSES have crashed through the window of a designer clothes shop near the Royal Ascot racecourse.


SMASH: One onlooker said a horning blowing might have spooked the carriage

The front window of Nataliya Couture on London Road was smashed after an incident with four horses and a carriage.

Shards of glass, manure and blood could be seen around the shop window and the pavement below.

A taxi driver who saw what happened said one horse looked particularly injured.


DAMAGE: The store sells clothes like those seen on Ladies’ Day

Mohamed Amjad said the carriage was coming down the road, claiming the horses may have been panicked by a horn blowing.

He claimed the front two horses “slid” into the shop front.

He said: “People put towels on to try and control the blood.”

It is not thought anyone was injured in the incident on Thursday evening as racegoers were leaving Ascot.

The shop sells formal wear much like that showcased by many of the women in attendance on Ladies’ Day.



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