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Meet the gardeners

Our rotating group of online panelists includes Jon Peter, curator and manager of plant documentation at the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), Alex Henderson, curator of collections at the RBG, Hamilton and Toronto-area Master Gardeners Claudette Sims, Tena Van Andel, Tina Cesaroni, Donna Parker, Patty King and Liza Drozdov. 

Jon Peter

Jon L. Peter has diplomas in horticulture from the University of Guelph and the Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture. Jon worked at some of the finest botanical institutions in North America, including the Arnold Arboretum, The Morton Arboretum & the New York Botanical Garden. Jon is Curator & Manager of Plant Documentation at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Claudette Sims

Claudette Sims, a retired educator, has been a member of Halton Region Master Gardeners since 2005 and is the President of Master Gardeners of Ontario. She is passionate about gardening and loves to attract and observe wildlife in her garden. Over the years, she’s gained a better appreciation of the role and beauty of native plants in our gardens. 

Donna Parker

Donna Parker has worked at a nursery with woody plants and had her own garden design and consultation business. She volunteers on the gardening hotlines at the Royal Botanical Gardens and for Halton Master Gardeners. Donna loves the challenge of designing and creating beauty among the wonderful old trees in her garden.   

Tena van Andel

Tena van Andel has volunteered with the Toronto Master Gardeners since 2003. Tena enjoys talking to anyone and everyone about anything horticultural. Although, if you ask her for favourites — orchids, large trees and the exotic bring a special gleam to her eye.

Tina Cesaroni

Tina Cesaroni studied horticulture and garden design while living in England. She is an active Toronto Master Gardener. and past Best Practices Coordinator. Always learning, she loves to share reliable resources that will help urban gardeners develop a eco-friendly garden space.

Alex Henderson

Alex Henderson has studied horticulture, curatorial practices for botanic gardens, plant sciences and museological studies in the United Kingdom, Sweden and the United States. He worked at Royal Botanic Garden’s Kew, in the UK before becoming Curator of Living collections at Royal Botanical Gardens. He is Chair of the Plant Collections Professional section for the American Public Gardens Association.

Patty King

Patty King has been a Master Gardener since 2007. She faces the challenges of a large garden, and battles with invasive plants, weeds, and animals daily. Trees and native plants are held close to her heart. Patty still writes a blog on her garden and has another on the history of women and gardens.

Liza Drozdov

Liza Drozdov is the founder and president of Hortus TV, the author of Design My Life, a comic expose of the Home Reno/Design TV industry, a former Executive Producer of Holmes Makes it Right and  a knowledgeable member of the Halton Master Gardeners group. You can follow her on Twitter too.

Did you know?

Master Gardeners in Ontario are experienced gardeners who have studied horticulture extensively and continue to upgrade their skills yearly through technical training. Master Gardeners start out as master gardeners in training until they complete the educational and volunteer component of the mandate. Master gardeners and master gardeners in training provide free garden advice to the public by participating in volunteer activities such as garden advice clinics, answering questions via email and now in online chats!

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