A club promoter has been found guilty of manslaughter in Crete over the death of a schoolboy who he punched during a row.

Harrow pupil Archie Lloyd, 18, was celebrating the end of his A-level exams with friends in Malia when he was knocked to the floor by Sebastian Trabucatti in August 2015, a trial heard.

Trabucatti appeared at the Court of First Instance in Heraklion facing manslaughter charges after a UK coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing at an inquest in 2016.

Trabucatti, 25, punched the teenager during a row at 5am in the middle of a street off the town’s main strip, the Crete court was told.

He denied being responsible for the death, claiming it was a slap and not a punch, and said: “I never expected anything like this to ever happen.”

But Mr Lloyd’s father James, who travelled to the island with his family to give evidence in the case, said: “The only person who saw how badly Archie was hurt was the defendant.

“The only person who saw the fall clearly was the defendant.

“He was 18, he had his whole life ahead of him.”

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