The deals are available across numerous gadgets including the new iPad Air, latest M1-powered MacBook Air and top-end MacBook Pros.

Here’s some pricing for these devices.

Apple iPad Air – 64GB £556.98 – save £22.02

Apple iPad Air – 256GB £700 – save £29

Apple MacBook M1 – 256GB – £999

Apple MacBook M1 – 512GB – £1,149.97 – save £99.03

APPLE MacBook Pro – 512GB – £1,249 – save £250

APPLE MacBook Pro – 16-inch – £2470

That all sounds very tempting but these deals do come with a warning.

The one thing you must remember is if you don’t pay the balance a year after you bought the product you will be hit by some fairly hefty interest charges of up to 40 percent. Ouch!


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