“I pressed the ‘on’ button of my laptop, it restarted and automatically repaired itself. Then, it switched off itself again. I pressed the ‘on’ button of my laptop 2nd time.

“Then, the laptop removed the latest Windows update of the above. It worked again.

“I strongly believe there is a serious problem of the windows update KB4586781. I don’t want this update to ***** up my new laptop. My laptop is new and was bought less than 15 days.

“Please advise how can solve the above issue. As I can see that this Windows update is still pending on my Windows update. I cannot avoid this update as the laptop was forced to update this when I try to switch off the laptop.”

The BSOD error isn’t the only problem to affect Windows 10 users after installing the latest update.

On the Answers forum Windows 10 users have reported being unable to install the update with it constantly failing and being greeted with an error code.

While others have said they have had issues with the Camera app not working as well as problems with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge after installing the patch.


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