It’s been a very busy week for WhatsApp with the chat app releasing two blockbuster updates to its billions of users. First came the news that the Facebook-owned firm is making it easier to rid devices of unwanted files and photos via a new storage setting. This allows users to find and remove content that could be filling up their phone’s precious memory.

As the name suggests, this update looks set to allow WhatsApp’s two billion users to add more than one device to their accounts meaning they can chat from a PC, smartphone and tablet without any fuss.

Currently, the only way to do this is via WhatsApp Web but this service requires the primary smartphone that’s used for the account to be powered up and connected to the web.

The new update would end all that with up to four devices all having unique access to chats simultaneously.

WhatsApp is thought to be in the test phase of this must-have feature but there’s currently no word on an official launch date.

With WhatsApp clearly on a drive to improve its app, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long until see Linked Devices arriving on phones, tablets and PCs. Watch this space!


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