TalkTalk has confirmed plans to offer superfast broadband bundles with download speeds up to 900Mbps to more customers. Despite launching these eye-watering speeds for users earlier this year, TalkTalk is now bringing the internet boost to businesses too. Dubbed Business Full Fibre and Business Ultrafast Fibre, these packages are designed for small and medium-sized firms. Supplied via Openreach’s new full-fibre infrastructure, it should help modest-sized firms supercharge their online business with unlimited downloads and stutter-free speeds.

Prices start from £23.95 a month for the 145Mbps package, rising to £59.95 a month for the fastest 900Mbps option. These prices do not include VAT. For comparison, 900Mbps is currently the fastest speed on offer from the likes of BT, EE and other Openreach-supplied firms. Full-fibre competitors which use their own infrastructure, like Virgin Media, CommunityFibre, Zzoomm, and Hyperoptic, can offer speeds over 1Gbps and, in some cases, even 2Gbps right now.

As you’d expect, TalkTalk Business’ speedy internet bundles include unlimited downloads – so there’s no need to worry about any unexpected bills if you’re downloading a load of data in the office one week, a Wi-Fi Hub wireless router, a 24-month contract term, and free installation.

Speaking about the dramatic rise in available speeds to customers, TalkTalk Business Directors of Small Business and Fibre, Jon Nowell told investors: “Over the last six months, the way businesses of all sizes work has changed dramatically. The widespread shift towards hybrid working has demonstrated the critical importance of every business being able to benefit from the best possible fibre connection available to them.

“Our recent Lockdown Lessons report showed just that, with 81 percent of employees saying that a fast, reliable broadband connection is one of the most important factors in enabling effective working from home. The rapid digital acceleration that we’ve witnessed has shown that we simply cannot wait for the UK-wide roll-out of full-fibre to provide businesses with a fast and reliable connection. And, at a time when small-medium businesses are grappling with a range of challenges, increasing their bandwidth cost effectively will provide a much-needed boost.

“We’re confident that our new ultrafast offering for businesses will help organisations of all sizes across the UK grow and adapt in the months to come.”

If you’re not a business owner, there are a number of other plans available from TalkTalk right now. The firm currently Fibre150 and Fibre500 plans, which offer average download speeds of 147Mbps and 441Mbps respectively, in some areas. According to TalkTalk, these speeds ensure that “over 10 devices can stream, game and zoom at the same time with no hiccups”. You’ll need to enter your postcode to find out whether these plans are available to you, since they’re dependent the latest Openreach infrastructure being in place underground.

Like the business-focused options, TalkTalk includes a Wi-Fi hub, free installation and unlimited usage.


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