NOW TV is back with a deal that offers cut-priced access to Sky Sports as well as the option to watch the action in pin-sharp High Definition (HD) without paying a penny extra. This deal is available via NOW TV’s website right now, with customers able to grab the Sky Sports Pass for £24.99 a month for three months.

Streaming everything on Sky Sports on NOW TV would usually cost £33.99 a month, so bargain-hunters will be able to make a total saving of £27 over the full term of the offer.

As well as getting full access to channels including Sky Football, Sky Cricket, and Sky F1, this latest NOW TV offer also throws-in seven days of free access to NOW TV’s Boost HD service. This paid-for extra beams Sky Sports channels, plus selected shows and movies, in glorious 1080p HD video quality instead of the usual 720p that standard NOW TV users get.

And it’s not just the way things look that’s better as Boost also lets you enjoy a fully immersive audio experience via Dolby Digital 5.1.

One final bonus is that you get to stream on three devices at the same time which is perfect for families currently stuck in lockdown. Once the free trial ends, you’ll then need to pay £3 a month to keep watching and listening in this improved HD quality.

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Of course, as you might already be aware, one of the benefits of NOW TV is there’s no long term contract to sign which means you can cancel and leave at any time. You also won’t need a dish on your wall as all content is beamed to your TV via the web.

To access NOW TV you simply need a good internet connection and a streaming device or latest connected TV. Even the Amazon Fire TV Stick now lets you access NOW TV with this popular device recently getting compatibly with all of Sky’s content.

Of course, if you want the ultimate way to watch TV then Sky Q brings a range of benefits you won’t find on NOW TV which includes being able to record multiple channels at the same time and view content in full 4K HDR resolution.

If you want Sky Q you will need to subscribe to an 18-month term although there are some deals available right now which does cut down on the monthly price.

Deals include Sky TV and Sky Sports for £39 per month – saving £11 or there are Sky and BT Sports for £52 – saving £20.

One final deal, which ends today, is offering Netflix and Sky TV for £25.

All of these offers require customers to sign up to an 18-month contract.


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