Shah said the aim of this enhanced feature is to make it easier for Netflix users to find something they actually want to watch.

And given the huge – and expanding – amount of content at Netflix’s disposal, a lengthier list could help subscribers pinpoint something they’re really interested in.

As with all trial runs, it remains to be seen whether this feature ends up getting a general release or not.

Speaking about the Top 50 feature, a Netflix spokesperson said: “As we have seen with the Top 10, members like to know what’s popular when picking what to watch. We’re testing if showing an expanded list of popular titles around the globe will be helpful. As with all our tests, we will only roll [it] out if members find it useful.”

The Top 50 list isn’t the only new feature that Netflix has been testing out in select regions recently.

Earlier this month reported that Netflix had launched its first ever live channel.


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