Outlining how this will help enhance the Microsoft Teams experience, Herskowitz used Asana – one of the apps available on day one of the roll-out of the feature – as an example. Previously, Asana could only have been used before or after a meeting in the Teams chats and channels to manage a project. But now, thanks to meetings support, the Asana app can also be used while you’re doing a video link with colleagues, helping you chat things through in real-time as you create new action items.

To do this, Microsoft Teams users only need to add the Asana app into their Teams meeting invite beforehand, and then following the online conflab participants will be able to work through the action items they’ve created.

Among the Teams meetings apps that are available right now are Asana, Decisions and Microsoft Forms – with others such as Slido coming at a later date.

Besides apps available from the Teams App Store, Herskowitz highlighted how organisations have been using the Microsoft Teams Toolkit to create their own custom apps.

One that was highlighted was from EPIC Systems, a global healthcare software company who created a Teams app that allows health care staff and patients to schedule and launch virtual visits in Teams.


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