“Any user who has notifications turned off will see the event only when they open the channel calendar.”

The shared calendar feature has been one of the most requested additions from Microsoft Teams users.

On the UserVoice forum a thread about the shared calendar feature, suggested by a user back in 2016, has received over 20,000 upvotes.

Describing how useful the feature would be, one user said: “Very much needed, my colleagues that are not very tech savvy keep confusing the teams calendar with the office 365 group one”.

While another wrote: “Having the ability to easily see a calendar for just the Team and upcoming events would be very beneficial. Please include week/month views with a sliding option.”

And one added: “We need to be able to incorporate shared meetings into Teams, not have to recreate an entirely new and separate calendar app. Most of us already have too many calendars as it is.

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