While in a help page online Microsoft went into further detail to explain why Internet Explorer 11 was now directing users to Edge for certain pages.

The Windows 10 makers explained: “Many modern websites have designs that are incompatible with Internet Explorer. Whenever an Internet Explorer user visits an incompatible public site, they get a message that tells them the site is incompatible with their browser, and they need to manually switch to a different browser.

“The need to manually switch to a different browser changes starting with Microsoft Edge Stable version 87.

“When a user goes to a site that is incompatible with Internet Explorer, they will be automatically redirected to Microsoft Edge.”

This latest Internet Explorer 11 change isn’t the only way Microsoft are encouraging web surfers that primarily use IE11 to switch to Microsoft Edge.

Earlier this year the Redmond-based tech giant announced a number of changes for both Internet Explorer 11 and the legacy version of Microsoft Edge.


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