This handy new tool can be found in Microsoft Edge version 87.0.664.5 or newer and the patch has been pushed out to the Edge stable channel.

As the name suggests, this tool lets users create a sidebar where they can quickly use a search engine alongside whatever else they’re doing in the browser.

To access the sidebar, you simply need to highlight a phrase you want to search in the page you’re looking at and then right-click on it.

Then, you just need to select ‘search in sidebar for’ that particular term, which will open up a side panel showing Bing search results.

Once this sidebar is open, you can then use it to search for any term of your choosing, scrolling through Bing search results, news stories, images or even looking for videos.

It’s a great productivity tool that negates the need to switch to a different tab to search for something if you don’t want to move from the page you’re already on.


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