All Spotify users need to do is head to the website, log in with their account – where they will get a scathing verdict on their taste in music.

And the AI that has been trained by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels seems to have a limitless capacity to put Spotify users in their place.

On Twitter people have been sharing the merciless verdicts the AI has been given, with the bot capable of giving a never-ending supply of varied, hilarious putdowns.

One Spotify user tweeted: “Thanks to that Spotify AI I am glad to announce I am 7% basic”.

While another posted: “That Spotify bot simultaneously called me a ‘balding weezer fan’ and a ’14 year old that just discovered punk’ I hope we never give robots rights”.

One added: “The Spotify AI kept smiling bashfully at me from across the record store then came over to tell me my fly is down”.

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