Motorola has also committed to using this chip in its next generation of Moto devices with the firm saying, “In partnership with Qualcomm, Motorola’s 5G smartphones are now available at over 100 partners across the globe. The new Qualcomm 5G Mobile Chipset Platform raises the bar for 5G experiences.

“Looking ahead, we are excited to unleash a platform with more powerful experiences in gaming, artificial intelligence, and camera technologies that will change the way we work, study and play in today’s world and to bring Qualcomm’s advanced 800 mobile platform into the moto g family next year.”

It’s certainly exciting times for Android fans as the new Snapdragon 888 is the most powerful processor Qualcomm has ever made.

This next-generation chip offers some big gains over its predecessors with Qualcomm revealing during day two of its Tech Summit that the 888 generates up to a 25 percent uplift in overall CPU performance and its biggest performance leap yet when it comes to the GPU with it delivering up to 35 percent faster graphics rendering compared to the previous generation.


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