Of course, the forthcoming changes in iOS 14 will absolutely benefit Apple. The company, which is currently valued at $2.4 trillion, wants to sell as many iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AirPods as possible. If restricting the amount of your data that Facebook, Google and others can siphon from your movements, web history and conversations is enough to convince you to pick an Apple-branded product over its competitors, then that’s great for its bottom line.

The line gets a little blurry when it comes to Apple’s subscription services, which do include personalised advertisements based on your interests (Apple lets you disable this feature in Settings).

If people are happy to share what they’re researching online and what they’re talking about with friends with Facebook and it’s advertising partners, then they’ll be able to agree to that information being shared within iOS 14.

If everyone is happy with what Facebook is doing, then it shouldn’t have any impact on their business model moving forward. It’s interesting that Facebook is cautioning investors that it expects to see an impact from iOS 14’s next update.


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