The biggest tell-tale sign that this is not an official correspondence is the amount of typos littered throughout the e-mail.

The e-mail is titled “Notification your test results”, when it really should be saying “notification about your test results”.

That may seem like a subtle error, but the following e-mail features a number of bizarre phrases which seem to indicate it is a fake message.

The e-mail says the recipient’s test results are “ready to be take off”, while the alleged doctor’s office will call “to make an appointment so we can address this”.

Bad grammar, spelling errors or passages of text appearing like they have been put through Google Translate are all red-flags about potential scams.

As is the way this latest scam message signs off, saying it is “sincerely” from “your Current, Retired and Future Doctors and Nurses” – which doesn’t sound like a very official signature.


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