WWE star Bobby Roode shared the incredible throwback photo on his Twitter as he celebrated his 20th anniversary as a wrestler.

The 41-year-old star compared the photo with a recent image taken after he won the WWE United States Championship in January.

Sporting bleach blond hair, a barely-grown beard and a much chubbier frame, the star left fans stunned.

Wrestling viewers compared him to “Justin Timberlake” – but also congratulated him on the career milestone.

Roode is one on the main stars on WWE show Raw and competed in the Money in the Bank ladder match last Sunday.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am today”

Bobby Roode

Roode shared the picture which was taken around the time of his very first match.

He said: “June 19 1998 was my very first pro wrestling match. It’s been an amazing 20 years in this business. 

“Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am today.”

He concluded the message with #Glorious – a reference to his catchphrase and nickname The Glorious One.

Bobby RoodeTWITTER/@REALBobbyRoode

BOBBY ROODE: WWE fans were stunned by the blond and babyfaced Glorious One

Bobby RoodeWWE

WWE: Bobby Roode looks very different now as he celebrated his 20-year wrestling anniversary

Roode, from Canada, had a long journey to WWE – only joining the company back in 2016 on developmental brand NXT. 

He spent most his career fighting for rival promotion TNA.

The Glorious One climbed from the tag ranks to being crowned TNA Heavyweight World Champion.

After joining NXT, he quickly became NXT Champion before being promoted to the main roster in 2017.

Fans praised Roode for reaching such an incredible career landmark – and joked about his baby-faced photo.

One said: “Very nineties. Did you come out to Smashmouth?”

Another added: “Look at that nineties bleached blond hair.”

Others said “always glorious”and “best champ TNA ever let go”.

Roode is known for his signature move the Glorious DDT and his elaborate in-ring entrance – complete with sparkled robe and choir singing “Glorious”.

He has spent most of his career playing a bad guy, but currently works as a hero on Raw.

The star is a two-time world champion, and seven-time tag team champion with TNA.

His tag team with James Storm – Beer Money – was acclaimed as one of the best duos never to appear to together in WWE. 



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