Native American Heritage Month begins Friday, Report
Native American Heritage Month begins Friday, Report

President George H.W. Bush approved a joint resolution in 1990 designating November as Native American Heritage Month. Each year the president has proclaimed the day after Thanksgiving as Native American Heritage Day.

To celebrate the contributions of contemporary Native America, Indian Country Today will be posting a series of featurettes celebrating the concept and hashtag #Nativein2019.

During the month, Indian Country Today will also share facts the general public may or may not know about Indian Country in the contemporary world.

Today’s Native Americans represent a multitude of industries, careers, and vocations and as today’s #Nativein2019, Native people are scientists, tribal leaders, journalists astronauts, activists, artists, actors, models, make-up artists and so much more.

Join Indian Country for this month of November, Native American Heritage Month as we celebrate being #Nativein2019.


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