Speed gun reading
BCH road police

The driver was speeding and was also over the drink-drive limit, police said

A suspected drink-driver was clocked speeding at an “unbelievable” 132mph (212km/h), police have said.

The Ford Focus driver was stopped on a section of the A421 near Bedford at about 21:10 BST on Thursday.

Police posted an image of the speed gun display on Twitter after the man was arrested.

Officers said it was a “miracle” the motorist, who was found to be over the legal alcohol limit, “didn’t kill himself or someone else”.

The post drew a number of responses from shocked members of the public.

One asked if it was possible to fine drivers “for stupidity”, while another said police prevented what “could have been a horrific scenario”.

In one reply, officers said they hoped the arrest would result in a “lengthy ban” for the driver.


The speeding driver was pulled over on the A421 in the Bedford area, police said


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