Nagel went on to detail the new Zoom security features and how to enable them, with the ‘Suspend Participant Activities’ tool first up. This feature allows a host or co-host to put their meeting on hold while they boot someone that is causing a ruckus out of the proceedings.

To access this handy tool, all that a host or co-host needs to do is head to the Security icon and then click ‘Suspend Participant Activities’. When this is activated everything will be put on hold, which means video, audio, in-meeting chat, annotation, screen sharing, Breakout Rooms and recording will come to a grinding halt.

During this interim break, a host or co-host can report a user that’s in their meeting, and share anything to back this action up such as a screenshot showing offending behaviour. Once this is submitted the user in question will be removed from the Zoom meeting and Zoom’s Trust & Safety team will be notified.

After the disruptive party has been sidelined hosts and co-hosts can resume the action so those left in the meeting can get back to business. This handy new tool is enabled by default and is available to all free and paid Zoom members. Elsewhere, for the first time ever other meeting participants – besides hosts and co-hosts – will be able to report users via the Security icon.

To activate this, a meeting participant will have to click the Security icon that’s located in the top left corner to flag a troublesome Zoom user.


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