Tesco Mobile is offering customers a useful festive bonus this Christmas. The UK mobile network has confirmed that all users will be treated to free unlimited UK data, minutes, and text messages all-day on Christmas Day.  With so many of us staying apart this year due to the ongoing public health crisis, this could actually be pretty useful as it means you can make endless phone calls to relatives, chat for hours on Zoom, or FaceTime and send hundreds of text messages without it spending a penny more than your usual monthly plan with Tesco Mobile.

“We want to help you celebrate Christmas with all your loved ones outside of your Christmas bubble. That’s why we’re giving you unlimited UK data, minutes & texts for the whole of Christmas Day. Call your nan, text a friend, on us,” the firm announced on its website.

Tesco Mobile says that the free bundle will be automatically applied to customers’ accounts at no extra cost and will be available on Christmas Day for 24-hours from midnight to midnight.

“We know many families can’t be together this Christmas, so we hope this ‘little help’ gives our customers the chance to connect with all their loved ones outside their bubble this Christmas,” said Tom Denyard, CEO of Tesco Mobile.

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This free data bundle runs from Christmas Day through Boxing Day and is available to everyone in the UK.

“To say thank you to customers this Christmas and to offer some festive cheer at the end of 2020, Sky has some fantastic gifts including free unlimited data on Sky Mobile, and free worldwide calls with Sky Talk,” announced the firm.


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