If you’re looking to upgrade your telly, there has never been a better time. That’s because a truckload of retailers have announced some blockbuster discounts as part of their Black Friday sales. So, whether you’re looking to shop online at the likes of Currys PC World or Amazon, or browsing in-store at ASDA and LIDL, there are a number of options. And now, there is one more option to consider.

According to a tipster posting on discount-obsessed forum HotUKDeals, Tesco is preparing to launch an in-store discount on a Toshiba 58-inch Ultra HD TV. Usually priced at £399, the Smart TV will drop to £299 from November 24 to December 1, 2020. That means the discount will cover Black Friday itself, which lands on Friday November 27, 2020.

Like the rival discounts from ASDA and LIDL, the heavily-discounted telly will only be available in-store. At 58-inches, the Smart TV is much bigger than the Smart TVs available from ASDA and LIDL, which both stand at 50-inch. So, if you’ve been missing the cinema and want the biggest possible screen size to watch movies at home… then it’s worth heading to Tesco over the others.

The Toshiba TV packs an Ultra HD panel with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), which improves the quality when viewing scenes on-screen with extremes of light – like a bright window in an otherwise gloomy room. According to the listing on the Toshiba site, it says “Our High Dynamic Range enhances colour contrast, making blacks darker and whites brighter. With its advanced capabilities, Dolby Vision HDR provides a captivating cinema viewing experience, so your favourite films and TV feel more life-like.”

And it’s not just about the picture quality. The Smart TV also packs enhanced sound thanks to the built-in speakers designed by Onkyo. Of course, if you’re got a surround sound system …you’re probably not going to want to unplug it. However, if you don’t have any external speakers, this should be a step-up from the usual built-in speakers you’ll find on these svelte LED TVs.

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Like the other Smart TVs available on Black Friday, this new set includes streaming applications including Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube. Plus, the telly includes support for Alexa or Google Assistant, so the telly should fit into your existing smart home set-up if you have either an Echo or Google Nest in your living room already.

The leakster has shared a screenshot from an internal Tesco system, which seems to confirm that the in-store only discount will appear on November 24. That’s three days before Black Friday itself. It’s unclear how much stock will be available, or whether the Toshiba 4K TV will be available in stores nationwide, or only a handful of locations.

The deal seems to have ignited a huge amount of interest on the HotUKDeals forums. One commentator posted: “Wow, really impressed to see a 4K HDR 58″ TV for this price. I have a 55″ already (lacking HDD though) so not sure a 58″ would feel like a step up, 65″ would be a more logical upgrade, but still tempting on sheer price/value factor alone…”


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