EE might have the best 5G coverage and Three Mobile might lead the way when it comes to unlimited data deals but Sky Mobile is making sure its customers remember its best feature. One of the biggest reasons for choosing Sky is that they have long allowed users to carry over any unused data which can then be accessed at a later date when things might be running low.

This “Piggybank” service is pretty unique with most other UK networks often sending any data that’s not been eaten up straight to the bin. With most of us staying at home it seems that millions of hours of data haven’t been used and that’s good news for those who subscribe to Sky.

The network says it’s seen customers save a whopping 55 million GBs of data since April 2020. That’s the equivalent to streaming 220 million hours of TV or listening to around 1.3 billion hours of music on Spotify.

The firm is boasting that due to its Piggybank offering it has helped customers save a collective £174 million pounds worth of data.

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The new incentive, which was released last month, allows customers to fill the extra SIM card with any spare data they have leftover at the end of each month.

That means this precious and expensive internet access doesn’t get wasted and can be used by someone else instead.

To add a free Sky Mobile SIM and begin sharing spare data with others, customers can simply follow these steps to get started: 

1. Visit to add a free SIM to your basket 

2. When it arrives, follow the instructions on the SIM pack to active it

3. Once activated you can give it or send it to anyone you want, ensuring current government guidelines are adhered to  

4. Start sharing your spare data from your Sky Piggybank with the new SIM on the My Sky App


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