Samsung might be one of the most popular TV manufacturers on the planet but now it seems they want to take over your home office as well as your living room. The Korean firm has just announced the launch of its new Smart Monitor which is not only aimed at boosting your daily productivity level but also offering some top entertainment at the same time – that will please your boss!

The new Smart Monitor incorporates powerful mobile and PC connectivity, along with remote home office and learning features and Samsung’s Smart Hub which brings a swathe of entertainment to this desk-mounted screen.

With an in-built Wi-Fi connection, the Smart Monitor offers instant access to content from platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

There’s also simple connectivity to your smartphone and the monitor even includes in-built AirPlay 2 making it easy for Apple users to seamlessly connect to this screen.

Once your lunch break is over the Smart Monitor then helps with your day’s work and can operate Microsoft Office 365 applications without a PC connection allowing users to view, edit and save documents in the cloud directly from the monitor.

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Remote Access also allows users to wirelessly and remotely access files from a PC or view content from a laptop whether it is situated elsewhere in the house or at the office.

Another nice bonus of the Smart Monitor is its USB Type-C port which allows for data, display and power — up to 65W — with just a single connection, keeping the area around the monitor nice and tidy.

Multiple USB ports and Bluetooth 4.2 allow for additional connection versatility while the display has built-in two channel speaker to boost that Netflix binge.

Of course, during this second period of lockdown you might be spending hours stuck in front of a screen and the Smart Monitor has been designed to be easier on your eyes.

Adaptive Picture optimises picture quality for any viewing environment by automatically adjusting brightness and colour temperature in response to room conditions. This ensures the most comfortable viewing experience in any environment, reducing eye strain even after extended use.

The monitor also features a special eye-saver mode to reduce blue light.

“Around the world, work, education and entertainment have transformed into home-centered activities,” said Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “With this new normal, it is no surprise that most indicators show a rise in digital activities and many are rethinking their technology use at home. Our new Smart Monitor is a direct response to that demand. Consumers no longer have to choose between a screen for one or the other as this display brings it all together.”

The monitor is available in two models at launch. The M7 supports Ultra-High Definition (UHD) resolution in 32-inch while the M5 supports Full HD (FHD) resolution in 32-inch and 27-inch options.

The Samsung Smart Monitor will be available from November 16 in the United States, Canada and China, and Samsung plans to expand launching markets starting the end of November.


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