As well as announcing an eye-watering $9,000 8K TVs, Samsung has also revealed something much more affordable is on the way. Alongside these pin-sharp big-screen 8K televisions, the South Korean firm is also launching a range of smaller 4K sets and they’re a whole lot more affordable.

Prices for the new Q60A 4K QLED TV start from just $549 (£479) – that’s for the all-new 43-inch model. For comparison, the most affordable QLED currently available from Samsung costs over £600 – so it’s a noticeable saving.

Even if you want to go supersized and squeeze an 85-inch screen into your living room it will only set you back $2,599 (£1,800). For your money, you get the latest QLED screen technology which brings improved contrast, brighter colours and richer blacks.

There’s also Samsung’s processor tucked inside which is far better and faster at upscaling content. Object Sound Tracking also makes the audio move around the screen for a more immersive experience when watching the latest blockbusters.

Samsung is also boasting that its Quantum Dot technology delivers its finest picture ever. If having a big TV shoved in the corner of your home doesn’t sound that appealing then Samsung has also announced pricing for its new “The Frame” televisions.

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These lifestyle TVs are aimed at looking more like a piece of furniture with them designed to blend in more seamlessly with your surroundings. New additions to this year’s models include a much thinner design which means they don’t stick out so far when hung to the wall.

There’s also improved frame designs to suit more homes and you can now use these TVs in portrait mode as well as the standard landscape option.

Prices for The Fame 2021 start from $999 (£700) for the 43-inch model.

The 50-inch costs $1,299 (£920) and 55-inch will set you back $1,499 (£1,000). If you want the biggest of the bunch then expect to pay $2,999 (£2,100) for the largest 75-inch model.

Along with these new TVs, Samsung has also fully refreshed its remote control. This latest channel changer is now powered by the sun meaning you can ditch those AAA batteries.

Samsung reckons this eco-friendly upgrade will help prevent waste from a projected 99 million AAA batteries over the seven-year lifespan of its televisions. That’s a lot of batteries that now won’t end up in the bin.

Another bonus of the new remote is that Samsung has created a new way to make these devices which upcycles plastics from recyclable bottles. The firm said it’s been a challenge getting this technology right but it has now found a way to produce something premium enough out of old and discarded plastic.


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