Google is looking to bring an important new feature to the Play Store designed to help Android smartphone and tablet owners directly compare the apps and games they’re looking to spend money on. The redesign includes a side-by-side comparison chart with similar apps on the Play Store. So, shoppers will be able to scroll to check whether all of the apps in the line-up support Casting to a Google Chromecast, for example.

If you’re deciding between one or two similarly-priced apps, this could be a great way to work out which one is right for you. The feature was first spotted by the team at Android Police.

In an example found by the Google-centric blog, the ‘Compare Apps’ section appeared on the listings page for a few popular media players, like VLC. The chart allows Android users to scroll through different similar apps, comparing key bits of information such as ratings, number of downloads, functionality and an ‘ease of use’ indicator.

The feature is only available on a limited amount of apps, and like with other tests it’s unclear whether Google will end up deciding to roll it out more widely or not. However, if users are weighing-up whether to sign-up to an expensive monthly subscription, or cough-up for a pricey one-time purchase, this seems like a great way to showcase the other options in the Google Play Store.

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In September, we saw adware spread via TikTok. The popularity of these social networks make them an attractive advertising platform, also for cybercriminals, to target a younger audience.”

Vavra added: “While Google is doing everything possible to prevent HiddenAds from entering its Play Store, the malicious apps keep finding new ways to disguise their true purpose, thus slipping through to the platform and then to users’ phones. Users need to be vigilant when downloading applications to their phones and are advised to check the applications’ profile, reviews and to be mindful of extensive device permission requests.”

Here is a full list of the offending apps Avast highlighted: Shoot Them, Crush Car, Rolling Scroll, Helicopter Attack – NEW, Assassin Legend – 2020 NEW, Helicopter Shoot, Rugby Pass, Flying Skateboard, Iron it, Shooting Run, Plant Monster, Find Hidden, Find 5 Differences – 2020 NEW, Rotate Shape, Jump Jump, Find the Differences – Puzzle Game, Sway Man, Money Destroyer, Desert Against, Cream Trip – NEW, Props Rescue.


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