This helps them co-ordinate who takes turn speaking up, and once a person has finished speaking the Google Meet moderator can lower a user’s hand.

While a participant who raised their hand will be able to press a button to lower it if they have their question answered during the discussion or if they just change their mind.

The feature began rolling out on Tuesday November 17, with Google saying it will help stop disruptions to the flow of conversations and prevent people from interrupting one another.

Speaking about this feature in a blog post, the Google Meet team said: “Video meeting participants can now let you know if they have a question or indicate that they would like to speak by raising their hand in Meet. In large meetings, this helps to increase participation while not disrupting the flow of the conversation and helps to prevent people from interrupting one another.

“To raise your hand in Meet, click on the ‘Raise Hand’ button on the bottom bar during the meeting. Once the button is pressed, it will change to a “Lower Hand” button, which can be clicked to lower your hand.”


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