Google has gone all-out to celebrate Halloween this year. If you have any Google Home-enabled gadgets in your home, like a Google Nest, Lenovo Smart Clock, or Nest Hub, there are plenty of new voice commands to test out as the witching hour draws close…

The new voice commands are available now and will work with any Google Assistant-enabled device, including an Android smartphone or an iPhone with the Google app installed. As always, you’ll need to start every request with the wake phrase “OK, Google” or “Hey Google”. If you’re using a Google Home gadget with a display fitted, you can ask the Google Assistant to find something scary to watch. Unlike Amazon, Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max are able to stream from Disney+ as well as Netflix – ideal if your favourite Halloween movie is only on the Walt Disney streaming service.

If you want to test out the voice-only responses, here are some of our favourites… be prepared for some 24-carat Dad jokes, some genuinely eery sound effects playing throughout your house, and more…

Hey Google, are you celebrating Halloween?

Hey Google, BOO!

Hey Google, do you know any scary stories?

Hey Google, Happy Halloween!

Hey Google, scare me!

Hey Google, trick or treat?

Hey Google, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Hey Google, what should I wear for Halloween?

Hey Google, do you have any monster fighting tips?

Hey Google, I want to hear something spooky….

Hey Google, give me a Halloween sound…

If you’ve got a good number of smart gadgets around the house, including smart lightbulbs, you can use the Google Assistant to trigger a spooky atmosphere around your house. Not only can you dim LIFX or Philips Hue bulbs with a quick voice command, but you can also change the colour of the bulb.

Better yet, if you’ve got a spare five minutes, you can set-up a Personal Routine within the Google Home app on Android or iOS.

This lets you trigger a number of different actions throughout the home with a single, customised voice command. So, you can set “OK Google, what happens when the midnight hour is close at hand?” to trigger a reply from Google to say that “creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorise your neighbourhood”, followed by all of the bulbs in the home turning red and Thriller blasting from any of your smart speakers.

Happy Halloween.


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