BT down reports have been on the rise today, with customers of the telecommunications giant experiencing broadband and home phone line issues. Independent outage monitor Down Detector has today registered a spike in BT down reports today. According to Down Detector stats, out of those affected some 91 percent are experiencing broadband issues while others are having phone troubles.

The Down Detector map says among the most reported locations experiencing BT issues are London, Birmingham and Manchester. Down Detector is an independent outage monitor which tracks social mentions to detect when popular services go down.

And at the time of writing Down Detector UK has registered a peak of around 600 reports of BT down. The official BT Status website has confirmed that there are ongoing BT broadband and telephone issues in a number of areas.

Their website says: “A small number of our customers in the areas shown below, may experience a loss of telephone and/or broadband services. We hope to have service restored as quickly as possible and apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing. Services can be affected by a number of different factors such as damage by third parties to the network causing cable damage.”

Here are more details on the areas BT has said are affected by broadband and telephone issues…


Botwnnog – 01758 (estimated clear date 30/10/2020)

Folkingham – 01529 (estimated clear date 30/10/2020)

Crossmaglen – 028 (estimated clear date 30/10/2020)

Hatfield Broad Oak – 01279 (estimated clear date 30/10/2020)

Crieff – 01764 (estimated clear date 29/10/2020)

Caversham – 0118 (estimated clear date 29/10/2020)

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Hevingham – 01603 (estimated clear date 29/10/2020)

Leith – 0131 (estimated clear date 29/10/2020)

Portsmouth – 023 (estimated clear date 28/10/2020)

Manchester – 0161 (estimated clear date 28/10/2020)

Selborne – 01420 (estimated clear date 28/10/2020)

Ahoghill – 028 (estimated clear date 28/10/2020)

Caldbeck – 01697 (estimated clear date 28/10/2020)

As the BT broadband and phone issues hit users took to social networking site Twitter to report problems with the service.

One tweeted: “@bt_uk are there issues in the bournemouth area with connectivity today? Our Internet is incredibly slow (again) and trying to wfh is almost impossible.”

Another posted: “Hi @bt_uk can you help please, my internet keeps going off and my halos aren’t working either. This is slightly annoying when I’m trying to spend my week off work binging tv shows help?”

One added: “@btbusinesscare @BTBusiness @BTCare hello our BT net and BT cloud phones are all down. Is there a wider BT issue? #btdown”.

And another wrote: “@bt_uk hi, my internet has been down all morning. When I rung first thing it said the problems had been acknowledged but wondering if this is being currently sorted? I’m unable to work”.


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