Pornhub offers free premium access to members in raunchy town names
Pornhub offers free premium access to members in raunchy town names

Pornhub is offering free premium access to people who live in towns with raunchy names, the latest in its long line of PR stunts to generate more publicity.

People living in embarrassingly-named towns can finally catch at least one break.

The adult video sharing website Pornhub has just announced that people who live in locations with raunchy names might be able to obtain free access to its Pornhub Premium service if their town or city indeed qualifies by having a dirty name.

The adult video sharing company has also encouraged people living in places with crude names not yet recognized by the company as qualifying for free Pornhub Premium access to tweet to them using the hashtag #PornhubPlaces to explain their location name and the humiliation it often brings.

Residents of cities like Fort Dick, California, Big Beaver, Pennsylvania and Climax in Michigan will all qualify for the free service. The offer is worldwide and includes the town of Fucking in Austria. To announce the Premium Places initiative, Pornhub announced on their site: ‘To make up for years of mockery, Pornhub has decided to name these special parts of the world as #PremiumPlaces and give them the best thing we have to offer: free access to our amazing Pornhub Premium content.’

It certainly isn’t the first time the pornography website has used PR stunts to generate attention and publicity for itself. On Valentine’s Day 2018, the company also offered free Pornhub Premium access. In addition, the website also garnered attention by offering free lubricant to the city of Philadelphia ahead of Super Bowl LII to prevent fans from climbing light poles and recently launched a $25,000 (£17,820) research grant for human sexuality studies.


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