A French bulldog looks adorable as it sits on a person's desk beside a work phone. The frenchie has a big blanket that it's sitting on. It's eyes are huge and very pretty.
@mombasa_sucasa on Instagram

Mobasa the French bulldog isn’t allowed to use the phone – after all, she’s not a golden receiver

Frenchies in offices, staffies on building sites and labradors in campsites – these are just some of the sights you can expect to see on #TakeYourDogToWorkDay.

The hashtag has been used over 10,000 times, with people sharing pictures of their busy pooches on social media.

The day was established in 1999 by Pet Sitters International to “promote dog adoptions and support local pet communities”.

Some might say these pups are getting a ruff deal, but you would have to be barking to think they aren’t eager to spend more time with their human pals.

@katyjking on Instagram

Buddy the Staffordshire bull terrier is working hard on a building site – and we have it on good authority he excels at roofing

@poppy.reads/percypugdiaries on Instagram

Percy the pug refuses to look at his iMac – not too surprising as it’s a well-known fact that some dogs prefer looking at windows

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@buddythegsduk on Instagram

Buddy the German shepherd is keen to show off his new ID card around the office – presumably hoping this will give him lab access

By Tom Gerken, BBC UGC & Social News


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