Report: Playful bear cubs captured by Alberta wildlife photographer


Alberta wildlife photographer Rick Price captured images of bear cubs dangling from branches and just generally celebrating their new lives recently.

Just don’t ask him to spill the beans about where he got his shots.

“I shot them in the last week or two, and they are mostly still there,” he said in an email to CBC Calgary. “But if I told you where — and it’s a very easy spot to find and most everyone would recognize the name and location — in a few days there would 100 photographers on it, instead of about four of us.     

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“My friends would hate me, the bears would run away in terror and the parks people would have to get involved, and start breaking up bear jams, barking out orders, and ribboning off places. 

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“I can only say that it was in the parks, and that to get photos like this, there is no free ride, no magical tips.

“You’ve got to put in your time and find your own hot tips.”

(Rick Price)

(Rick Price)

(Rick Price)

(Rick Price)

(Rick Price)

(Rick Price)

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