Report: Jimmy Fallon jokes about the pronunciation of ‘Regina,’ views Experience Regina video


A decade after it was initially published on YouTube, a viral video has gained new life after it came to the attention of talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

The video is a faux-tourism advertisement for the city of Regina, with several images put together as a slideshow with a simplistic retro keyboard melody and a catchy message: “Experience Regina.”

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Skip to 3:18 to see and hear Fallon mention the video.

The video is not an official video for the City of Regina. The song was created by Melody and Tim, two Americans, according to the Leader-Post, after one of them took a road trip across Canada in 2008. 

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Saskatchewan has been the butt of American late-night talk show jokes. Regina gas jockey Dick Assman famously appeared on David Letterman.

The full Experience Regina video is below: 


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